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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes According to The Experts

I have it in a spray bottle, spray it directly to my brushes, and then brush them back and forth on a paper towel until they rub clean. If they get dry before they're clean, I just spray more.

How To: Clean Makeup Brushes - Easiest & Cheapest Way!

And yes, the directions refer to water. To my knowledge, water really isn't that bad for brushes I was my face brushes every single night under warm water with baby shampoo. Mar 2, 4, Posts. I sqirtt some straight from the bottle on a paper towel and wipe back and forth moving to a clean spot until no more color comes off the brush. It is fast drying and great in a pinch. It's not often I have to use the same brush twice when creating a look, but it does come in handy.

As for my reguar routine. I wash all my brushes in Equate WalMart brand baby shampoo weekly. It's the best. Just a little soap on my hand, swirl the brush around really well.

Repeat if needed and rinse. I wipe them back and forth on a clean dry towel to remove excess water, reshape, and lay flat to dry.

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My brushes are in beautiful shape. I don't DIP them in water though, I think that's what they mean by not getting them wet. Too much water can cause them to fall apart. Gotta make sure no water gets in the ferenule sp? May 22, 6, Posts. Aug 2, 27, Posts. I mix half cleaner and half water in a little throw a way cup, swish and rinse with water!

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I've been doing that for years and my bushes are still very soft. Dec 14, 7, Posts Student.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I squirt a small amount of brush cleaner into a dixie cup and move the brush in circles around the cup. I then dry them with a paper towel. Aug 26, 36, Posts. I use water to clean my brushes. I just use gentle shampoo. Lightly rinse the brush in water, then take the shampoo and on a paper towel or even your hand rub back and forth.

Then rinse I did it on some of my makeup brushes that I use daily, and you wouldnt believe the makeup that came off the brush. You have to make sure that you rinse throughly because the soap may still be on the bristles. I then lay them flat but somewhat upward on a towel overnight to dry. I have a weirdo way of doing this I guess, LOL: I take a squirt of the brush cleaner into the cupped palm of my hand and start the sink faucet running.

Dawn also works for makeup sponges. Lastly, place it in the microwave for a few seconds while watching, of course to get rid of bacteria. In regards to fluffier brushes you use for powder, you'll be able to notice they are ready for a cleaning based on the product build-up in the bristles or at the base where the brushes meet the metal also known as the ferrule.

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Another great option is electronic brush cleaners. The electric brush cleaner does the work for you.

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    6. You should be cleaning your brushes weekly Remember the gross residual makeup, dirt, and oil we just talked about? A step-by-step brush cleaning method. Cinema Secrets sephora. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.