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Yeah, we can like KFC and still be highbrow! And how do you do that? Bacon is a staple menu item at basically every fast-food chain. KFC has it too, despite not having a ton of bacon-filled dishes. But it's there! Next time you go, add bacon to whatever you'd like, whether it be a Famous Bowl or a Chicken Littles sandwich. Yes, you can order those tasty mostly unloved parts of the chicken deep-fried at KFC. Here's the catch: The offal are not available in every region. In the regions where they're available, they're on the menu and beloved.

But not elsewhere. You'd think they'd be available in all the Southern states, as fried gizzards are a traditional Southern food, but that's not true either! We spoke to a store in Tennessee that had 'em, but one in Mississippi didn't! The only way to find out is to ask.

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  • Unfortunately, KFC's new Mac & Cheese Bowls are missing one crucial element.
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And once you do, maybe you'll soon be enjoying some deep-fried chicken parts. Back in , everyone and their momma was eating the KFC Double Down, which is two fried chicken filets instead of bread, plus bacon, two different kinds of cheese, and a drizzle of Colonel's Special Sauce.

KFC Mac and Cheese Copycat

It's no longer on KFC menus. But that doesn't mean you can't order it! KFC still has all the ingredients other than the Colonel's sauce, which is a mayo- and ketchup-based condiment. Note that this is different from the chain's Finger Lickin' Good Sauce, which is more of a honey mustard-ish condiment. And most locations still have the sammy in their system, so they can ring you up no problem. Order it and enjoy a deep-fried, cheese-covered slice of American fast-food history! Das Racist , a former rap group your cool cousin who went to Vassar used to like, once found themselves in a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, but the combination KFC and Taco Bell is where we'd want to eat.

See, if you're clever and you are! Here are three you need to try right now:.

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Then walk over to Taco Bell and ask for a side of nacho cheese sauce. Head to the condiments bar and take your favorite hot sauce. Nothing's better than fries and cheese. Other than maybe chips and cheese. And since Mexican food also kind of has a rep for being spicy, it makes sense to combine the two. First, order a Mexican pizza from TB but ask for it without seasoned beef. Then head over to KFC and get those Nashville hot chicken tenders. Grab a side of corn too, and sprinkle it over the pizza. In the words of failed NBC sitcom star Emeril and he's a chef too, maybe?

First, order the tasty wedges and gravy at KFC. Next, get a side of cheese sauce from Taco Bell.

Cover the wedges in gravy and cheese sauce, and you have a knockoff version of the Canuck favorite. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can still order off the kids menu. There's no shame in that! It's often cheaper, and the food's basically the same… only in smaller portions.

Even though the meal is cheap, you can't put a price on that feeling of eating a boss school lunch again. KFC serves buckets of fried chicken and grilled chicken along with a variety of sides, sandwiches, and personal dinner plates, and you can save on a Southern-style dinner with KFC coupons. Gather your family around the table for a meal tonight and save with KFC coupons.

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Link sends me to KFC. I love this place, they are clean and neat, the food always freshly made! I worked in one Marysville Ca! And it was my 2nd job, it was a good experience! Bill was a good business man and it was great team work with co-worker's, Good all the way around! After all those years Its still delious. As much as I Love your chicken It's to hard finding coupons online everyone don't buy news paper.

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Im tried of missing out time to change. My daughter and I love pot pie crust! The filling is delicious, and the prices are great for the quality and variety. I've always appreciated the extra attention if they've given us with the plates and silverware that makes it 10 times easier at the end of the mail to just get rid of everything and spend my time with my kids thank you.

The chicken is spicey and red hot but I wouldn't complain I just eat the food and keep cooking great and down home restaurant food PS I love canes river iced tea. Unfortunately, some locations may choose not to participate in all promotions listed. It is recommended you check with your nearest restaurant prior to ordering to make sure your coupon will be accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Macaroni & Cheese – Family Size

Huge disappointment. KFC Coupons 93 savers. Get Offer. Exclusions: Valid at participating locations. Ask for Kentucky Fried Chicken's secret menu items today, which include: Hot Pocket Bowl : Chicken-filled hot pocket covered in cheese, gravy, and corn. Poutine : French fries with cheese curds and gravy. Triple Down : Double down with an extra chicken layer, bacon, and cheese.

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Side of Biscuits : Add a side of two biscuits to your order. More Mashed Potatoes : Add mashed potatoes to anything — sandwiches, chicken patties or your chicken pot pie Build-Your-Own KFC Bowl : Choose any food from the menu and add your own toppings fried chicken topped with french fries, cheese and bacon, anyone? Nashville Hot or Georgia Gold Verified. See More Offers. They're Back! Start Shopping at KFC. Reveal Code.