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Combined with TES V Savegame Manager a 3rd party program that lets you easily switch between multiple character saves Alternate Start is a good way to play Skyrim from a character-driven perspective. It lets you begin the game as a tavern patron, a necromancer in a hidden lair, a simple farmer, or a number of other interesting starting points in lieu of the scene at Helgen.

Some starting points, like being shipwrecked with only the rags on your back, are also ideal for players looking for a more survival-oriented Skyrim experience. Speaking of survival, survival mods have become a huge part of the Skyrim modding scene. Realistic Needs and Diseases may be the best introduction for those curious about this style of play. No more trekking through the snow in your sandals, to say the least.

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Moonpath to Elsweyr is particularly interesting because it will bring you to the unfamiliar, sandy and heretofore unseen reaches of Elsweyr, homeland of the Khajit. Unless they have a quest for you or figure into a quest for someone else most NPCs exist solely to bark at you about sweetrolls and add a dash of bare-bones life to the world.


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This is not just a new coat of paint or a novel little toy box though it does come with grappling hooks, functional disguises and other nifty tricks borrowed from the Sneak Tools mod. Because of the rather broad and complicated nature of this mod it can have some compatibility issues, so be sure to read all the fine print if you do decide to install it or any other mod, for that matter into your game.

In that case, it might be time for a fresh install and a trip down vanilla memory lane. Janine Hawkins is a games writer based in sunny Canada. You can find her written and video work on HealerArcherMage. Share Tweet Submit Pin. Tags mods skyrim videogames. Full conversion mod for Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

This is the gameplay test demo Skye Revival, other demos like visual demos, or story demos will come later.

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    Idea Recapturing v8. Roma Nova 3. HMM1 1. North Gambra Map 2vs2 15hours ago Fantasy world of the A. Have Fun! Mod II Full Version In this version added Display Damage, several recipes for reviving of the monsters and Act Bosses, redoned some graphic of the items, and minor fixes.

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    Ignoble 20hours ago Ignoble Demo This is the full game, with potential glitches or bugs that I hope to squish in the near future. STF's Sensible Changes 1. Undertale Orchestral Mod V0. Deltarune Music Mod V0. Followed By Death Trilogy 1.

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