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Luckily the Paste icon is located in the same position on the Excel Home tab, but in the Edit Group. The Editing Group items are a mixed bag that can be hard to find in Excel unless you add some toolbar icons to the Standard Toolbar. The Fill and Clear icons can be found in the Edit Group.

In Excel you can find Sort and Filter on the Data menu, and Find can be found on the Edit menu but all of these are less than optimal because they take you away from the Home tab and require more clicks on the mouse or taps on the trackpad than are necessary.

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This is a lot easier than hunting them each time. Hopefully this little summary with pictures is a help to those of you who, like me, get frustrated with Excel for making things so different between Windows and Mac. Hi quick Q if you have a minute — Is the styles group a special add-in you have to activate somehow? Any thoughts would be most helpful, thanks very much!

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The Styles group on the Home tab of the Excel Ribbon is standard. In the right-side box click the plus sign for Home and see if there is a Styles group in the list. You may have had a glitch on the install. Can you tell me how I can get to it? Which drop down is it under? Same difference. What gives? Did they move this feature somewhere else, or did they remove it in Mac? I am using excel The ribbon area at the top of the screen, and where the name of my file is also shown, is very faint, in fact it is almost see through.

I can see my desktop icons behind the ribbon. The icons are blurry, as if the area at the top of my screen is translucent. I have moved the desktop icons lower on my desktop, but the icons on the Quick Ribbon are still hard to see. Any suggestions?? In Excel and earlier, it's relatively easy to inadvertently arrange a spreadsheet window so that the worksheet tabs aren't present on the screen, even if the Show Sheet Tabs option is enabled. If this occurs, as shown in the figure, you can double-click on the workbook's name to maximize the window and restore your workbook tabs.

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In Excel if you can't see the worksheet tabs, simply double-click on the words "Microsoft Excel" at the top of the window to maximize Excel's application window. Figure 3: Excel windows sometimes get arranged such that workbook tabs aren't visible. Regardless of whether you can see the actual tabs, you can use a keyboard shortcut to navigate between worksheets within a workbook.

To do so, press Ctrl-Page Up to activate the adjacent worksheet to the left or press Ctrl-Page Down to activate the next worksheet to the right. Assuming that the Show Sheet Tabs option is enabled, another way to navigate within a workbook is to right-click on the navigation arrows in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, as shown in Figure 4.

This displays a hidden menu from which you can select any visible worksheet in the workbook. Excel offers some helpful improvements to this Activate menu, as all worksheets are displayed in a single dialog box, and you can select a worksheet by typing the first letter of a sheet name. In Excel and earlier, the Activate menu initially displays up to 16 worksheets, requiring you to choose More Sheets to display an expanded list. Further, in Excel and earlier you must choose a desired sheet name with your mouse, as the menu cannot be accessed by way of keystrokes as is possible in Excel Figure 4: Right-click on the navigation arrows in any version of Excel to display a list of worksheets.

In other cases, your worksheet tabs may be present, but a worksheet still appears to be missing. If so, the first place to check is to see if the worksheet has been hidden. In Excel and later, you can right-click on any worksheet tab and choose Unhide. If the Unhide command is disabled, there most likely aren't any hidden worksheets in the workbook, but there's a way you can determine this categorically.

If the Unhide sheet is disabled, you can't necessarily assume that there are no hidden worksheets within a workbook. Savvy users rely on a little-known xlSheetVeryHidden setting to hide worksheets in plain sight. David H. Ringstrom, CPA, is an author and nationally recognized instructor who teaches scores of webinars each year. His Excel courses are based on over 25 years of consulting and teaching experience.

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This is excellent advice. As a paper coordinator of several distance papers that use excel workbooks for assignments, I often have to help students who have 'lost ' the tabs.

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You explain it very well. This is one of the most thoughtful responses I've received for one of my articles. Thank you so much!

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Dave - thanks for the advice - except that in my case it doesn't seem to work. I have followed your instructions meticulously and have observed how happy other users of your advice are. A spread sheet that I have used for quite a while, suddenly appears without showing: 1. Bottom Tabs 2. Top Cell Alphabetical grid labels 3. File Name so I cannot double click this line as one of your solutions Please help I'm pretty desparate. At this point I'd need to see your spreadsheet.

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Upload it to my web site and I'll be glad to take a look at no charge:. I work on an Excel Workbook created at the office in Excel but use Excel when working on this same workbook at home.

http://topdudes.com/smartphone-number-location-application-galaxy-note-7.php I can only see the three sheets in my workbook in fullscreen view, which hides the ribbon. Can I fool my Excel into thinking its from ? I was going to say that the techniques in my article should have revealed the tabs for you. The Windows operating system sometimes does wacky things with regard to storing positions of program and document windows onscreen.

Regardless, I'm glad you got it resolved, as you shouldn't have had a different experience in versus I found your advice tremendously helpful, was about ready to : because I couldn't find the tabs. I got it to work by double clicking the workbook title. Many thanks!!! I discovered that there are two minimize tabs.

When I click the bottom one my spreadsheet is minimized but a big blue screen is behind it and my tabs are gone. If I drag the minimized screen to fit in the blue screen the tabs do not come back. Hope it helps someone. I have Excel , can I find worksheets tabs within a workbook through a "search function"? I have an abundance of tabs in one file and often I am asked to locate one that I did months ago Great question. See the image below for a hidden menu that you can use. If you choose More Sheets from the menu a dialog box will appear.

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  • You can then navigate that list by typing the first letter of the desired sheet name if you remember what it is. One of my co-workers is missing the worksheet tabs in Excel She did something that hid them, but she doesn't know what! I have followed all of the suggestions on this website to try to get them back for her, but the only option I can find to work is the 'Ctrl, Page Up' option. The 'Workbook Name' does not appear in her Excel window nor on mine, now that I look , I don't think it ever has, so I can't try that option. What am I missing??

    With the Excel document that is not showing the tabs open, try pressing 'New Window' under the View tab. This may focus the worksheet so you can maximize it if it is not already. At a minimum it should show you tabs I have tried the above but had no luck. DO you know if saving a multi tab workbook as a csv file deletes the second tab?

    You're a saint! You just saved me from pulling all of my hair out!