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If you really want to take advantage of Excel's power, you need exposure to these features. I'll start off by showing you some great shortcuts for building formulas and functions, numerous variations for the powerful If and V lookup functions, vital statistical and math functions, and some date functions that could prove to be indispensable.

I'll show you how text functions can help you clean up flawed data, how powerful array formulas and functions give you even more analytical possibilities, and I'll show you how to use functions in combination with one another to achieve even greater power. Are you sure you want to mark all the videos in this course as unwatched? This will not affect your course history, your reports, or your certificates of completion for this course.

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The Basics of the Excel IF Function

Preview This Course. In this Excel for Mac update to his popular series, author Dennis Taylor presents numerous formulas and functions in Excel and shows how to use them efficiently.

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  • Using logical functions to test multiple conditions.

The course begins with tips and keyboard shortcuts to accelerate the way you work with formulas within one or multiple worksheets. Dennis focuses on practical examples that transition effortlessly to real-world scenarios. Start watching to take advantage of the tremendous power offered by Excel formulas and functions. Topics include: Understanding how the hierarchy of operators affects formula results Knowing when to use absolute vs. Skill Level Intermediate. Show More Show Less. Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll. Related Courses. Preview course. Search This Course Clear Search.

Welcome 46s. Exercise files 25s. Formula and Function Tools.

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  4. Write formulas using a hierarchy of operators 5m 57s. Save time with AutoSum and extended features 5m 24s.

    Determine when to use absolute references vs. Use mixed references in formulas 5m 2s. Use function category buttons for locating functions 4m 3s. Use the Formula Builder for unfamiliar functions 3m 25s. Use AutoCalculate to get totals for selected cells 6m 58s. Formula and Function Tips and Shortcuts. Display and highlight all worksheet formulas 4m 49s.

    Track cell dependencies; locate formula sources 5m 25s. Copy formulas down a column instantly 5m 12s. Convert formulas to values with a simple drag 4m 28s. Update values without formulas 3m 53s. Simplify debugging formulas with the F9 key 3m 25s. Note there is no condition for "A", because once we've run through all the other conditions, we know the score must be greater than 95, and therefore an "A".

    To extend the formula to handle "C", we repeat the process:. Then, instead of adding another IF, just add the final grade for false. Video: How to make a nested IF to assign grades. Many formulas are solved from the inside out, because "inner" functions or expressions must be solved first for the rest of the formula to continue. This means that results from outer IFs determine whether inner IFs even run. On Windows, you can use the Evaluate feature to watch Excel solve your formulas, step-by-step. This is a great way to "see" the logical flow of more complex formulas, and to troubleshoot when things aren't working as you expect.

    The screen below shows the Evaluate window open and ready to go. Each time you click the Evaluate button, the "next step" in the formula is solved. When you select an expression in the formula bar and press the F9 key, Excel solves just the part selected. You can also press Esc to exit the formula editor without any changes. Video: How to debug a formula with F9. Excel has limits on how deeply you can nest IF functions.

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    3. Meet DATEDIF(), Excel’s secret Date & Time function that's still handy | PCWorld.
    4. Up to Excel , Excel allowed up to 7 levels of nested IFs. However, just because you can nest a lot of IFs, it doesn't mean you should. Every additional level you add makes the formula more difficult to understand and troubleshoot. One of the challenges with nested IFs is matching or "balancing" parentheses. When parentheses aren't matched correctly, your formula is broken.

      Excel for Mac Advanced Formulas and Functions

      Luckily, E xcel provides a couple tools to help you make sure parentheses are "balanced" while editing formulas. First, once you have more than one set of parentheses, the parentheses are color-coded so that opening parentheses match closing parentheses. These colors are pretty darn hard to see, but they are there if you look closely:.

      If there is no match, you'll see no bolding. Unfortunately, the bolding is a Windows-only feature. If you're using Excel on a Mac to edit complex formulas, it sometimes makes sense to copy and paste the formula into a good text editor Text Wrangler is free and excellent to get better parentheses matching tools.

      Excel Magic Trick 939: Use OR and AND Functions In IF Function For Logical Tests

      You can paste the formula back into Excel after you've straightened things out. When it comes to navigating and editing nested IFs, the function screen tip is your best friend. With it, you can navigate and precisely select all arguments in a nested IF:. You can see me use the screen tip window a lot in this video: How to build a nested IF. I often see formulas IF like this:. If the test score is numeric, use this:.

      When you're working with a formula that contains many levels of nested IFs, it can be tricky to keep things straight. Because Excel doesn't care about "white space" in formulas i.

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      For example, the screen below shows a nested IF that calculates a commission rate based on a sales number. Here you can see the typical nested IF structure, which is hard to decipher:. Plus, the formula is easier to edit:. Video: How to make a nested IF easier to read. Nested IFs are powerful, but they become complicated quickly as you add more levels. All of this could be done with nested IFs, but the formula would rapidly become more complex. For example, this nested IF assigns numbers to five different colors:. Sure, you could use a long and complicated nested IF to do the same thing, but please don't :.

      The IFS function provides a special structure for evaluating multiple conditions without nesting:. What happens when you open a spreadsheet that uses the IFS function in an older version of Excel?